Conference Days: 3rd & 4th October 2019
DAY 1 - 3RD OCTOBER 2019
Time TechWeek Event Presenters Company
8.00AM-9.00AM Registration Even Organizers TechWeek - Nairobi
11.00AM-11.30AM Africa Internet Landscape Mark Tinka SEACOM
11.30AM-12.00 Segment Routing and MPLS - The changing face of routing Andrew Alston Liquid Telecom
12.00-12.30PM Q/A - Moderator Kevin Chege TechWeek - Nairobi
2.00PM–2.20PM Internet Measurement Kennedy Aseda KENET
2.20PM–2.40PM A view into Kenya's DNS from Quad9 perspective Nishal Gorbudhan PCH
2.40PM–3.00PM Infrastructure and Resiliency Joe Marwa KENIC
3.00PM–3.30PM Moderator Simon Mayoye SEACOM
3.30PM–4.00PM BREAK
4.00PM-4.20PM Network Automation Remco van Mook Asteroid
4.20PM-4.40PM 10Gbps to 400Gbps (Remote) Thomas Weible Flexoptix
4.40PM–4.50PM Lighting Talks: Farm Insurance IOT and ML model Ayan Keynan TechWeek - Nairobi
4.50-5.00PM Lightning Talks: Bias and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, Why tech creators should care Alfred TechWeek - Nairobi
5.00PM–5.10PM Lighting Talks: Forensics presentation proposals Patricia Musomba TechWeek - Nairobi
DAY 2 - 4TH OCTOBER 2019
Time TechWeek Event Presenters Company
8.00AM-9.00AM Registration Even Organizers TechWeek - Nairobi
9.00AM-9.20AM TechWeek - Nairobi
9.20AM-9.40AM Cloud Martin Njau KENET
11.00AM-11.30AM How to design and build Community Wireless Networks Irene Misoi AfCHIX
11.30AM-12.00 How to design and build Community Wireless Networks Josephine Tunapanda
12.00-12.30PM Lighting Talk Lighting Talks: Wireless Network Security Seaouse Onyibe / Eric Magutu (Moderator) Protec
2.00PM–2.20PM IPv6 on Mobile Sam Miruka Safaricom
2.20PM–2.40PM Kibana and Security Judy Ngure Women in Security
2.40PM–3.00PM Lighting Talks: Owning your data through 3rd Party Apps / IoT Meter Implementation - Shaleen Jelagat / Fidel Makatia E-Kraal
3.00PM–3.30PM Q/A Time – Tyrus Kamau TechWeek - Nairobi
3.30PM–4.00PM BREAK
4.00PM-4.20PM BGP Filtering Peter Gitau KIXP
4.20PM-5.20PM The importance of Peering: Peering Bilaterals + BGP Traffic Engineering Michelle Opiyo (Workonline), Simon Mayoye, Felix Musau (WIOCC), Shake Righa (BCS) TechWeek - Nairobi
5.20PM–5.30PM Wrap up and Closing - TechWeek Secretariat








Programme Committee Members

August 1, 2019

Eric Magutu

Eric Magutu has over 10 years of experience in systems and network engineering. He joined Safaricom as a Senior Network Administrator in 2010, and is currently a Core Network Engineer handling mobile and internet traffic.

July 29, 2019

Hezron Mwangi

Hezron Mwangi is a ICT Professional with over eight years of experience in the ISP Industry. Hezron works for the Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET), the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Kenya as a

July 26, 2019
Mercy Njue

Mercy Njue

Mercy Njue is the founder of Botlab. She has an MBA, and a Degree in Business & technology from Africa Nazarene University. She is also trained in GDPR by university of groningen, BI specialist and is cloud certified

July 22, 2019
Tyrus Kamau

Tyrus Kamau

Tyrus Muya Kamau is an Information Security professional with 13 years experience in the field. He is a Principal Consultant at Euclid Consultancy Ltd, a cyber security company

July 22, 2019
Simon Mayoye

Simon Mayoye

Simon Mayoye, based in Nairobi Kenya is a Network Architect for SEACOM which operates a global IP/MPLS backbone as well as submarine cable systems between Africa, Europe and

July 21, 2019
Samuel Miruka

Samuel Miruka

Samuel has 10 years’ experience working with internet in the Telecommunications and ISP industry. He specializes in IP Networks, Internet connectivity for Mobile devices, Home and Business Customers.

July 10, 2019
Kevin Chege

Kevin Chege

Kevin G. Chege is an Information Technology expert with more than 15 years of experience in designing and provisioning Internet services, training and capacity building as well as

February 3, 2017
Michelle Opiyo

Michelle Opiyo

Michelle Opiyo has over eight years of experience in the Network Services Provider Industry. She attained her BSc in electronic and computer engineering from the Jomo Kenyatta University


  • Seacom
  • Internet Society
  • flexoptix
  • Workonline Communications
  • Kenet
  • Kenic